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    Today, more of us lock our doors than ever before. We use door locks that are more advanced than ever before. The knob-style lock is becoming rarer and rarer to find, though they do still exist in the world today.

    There are some things you should know about what really changed locking technology over time; why your next new lock could be better; and why you should consider changing your old knob-style lock today.

    Changing your old knob-style lock today has never been the right time. The truth is, it’s probably not the best choice for you, no matter when you’re thinking about changing your lockout.

    Take a look at some of the following reasons why; then take advantage of our free replacement quotes!

    FAQs about Considering Changing Your Old Knob Style Lock

    Why should I change my old knob-style lock today?

    Today, there are knob locks and deadbolt locks that look the same as your old door lock.  Many of them use a key while others use a simple pin number for entry.  The best part is that they’re much easier to open than the old cylindrical rod-style locks.

    These types of locks can be opened faster, they’re easier to deal with, and they’re also more secure.

    They are recommended for all door locks in your home.

    Does a knob-style lock have a higher risk of being broken into?

    It’s a good question to ask. It depends on the quality and security of your lock. Some knob locks can be easily picked or disarmed with a credit card, however, which makes them less secure than other lock options.

    What are the differences between an old knob-style lock and a new style lock?

    The main difference is in how you open them up. Knob locks can be opened using just one hand – the other is used to turn and pull – while new locks require you to do both things at once.

    Another thing to consider is the security of your lock. New locks offer a wide range of features, including a keyless entry which means no more worrying about losing keys.

    Plus, they are much less easy to break into than old locks – because they’re made with materials like steel, rather than brass.

    What are the different types of style locks?

    There are a few different types of style locks.

    • The first is the knob lock, which is operated by turning and pulling to open and close it.
    • Second, we have the deadbolt lock, which requires you to turn and push at the same time to open it.
    • Lastly, we have precision keyless locks, which are operated by a keypad or by scanning your fingerprint.

    What is the difference between knob locks and deadbolt locks?

    Knob locks and deadbolt locks both use a cylinder to open and close them. A difference between the two is that with a knob lock, you only need the turn to unlock it; while with a deadbolt lock, you must also push it in order to get inside your residence.

    Knob locks may be less secure than deadbolt locks, but they are also easier to pick and open with a credit card.

    How did locksmiths change knob locks?

    There were several different styles of key locks that used similar technologies. They evolved over time, but the basic concept remains the same:  The knob-style lock has a cylindrical rod that is inserted into a hole in the door.

    As you turn the knob, the rod moves into the door and unlocks it.

    The evolution of locksmiths changed this technology by giving us a lock that sat just inside the door frame and used a key to lock and unlock it. The key would work as an override for those who had lost their keys or locked them inside.

    On top of that, the technology evolved to allow for locks that could be opened using a keypad instead!

    Why should I call Regal Locksmith instead of trying to change my own knob lock?

    Our prices are very competitive and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide quick, dependable locksmith services throughout the area.

    We’re available 24/7 and we work very hard to ensure that we get your lock changed quickly.

    We understand the need to change locks in a timely manner, and we work to make sure you can do so when you need it most.

    We offer free estimates and we even provide discounts for seniors and active military members.

    Locksmiths can change locks for any reason you like, but these are the three most important reasons.

    • To make your home more secure.
    • To increase fire resistance.
    • To match a new door style or other lock-related renovations.

    How much does it cost to have a knob lock changed?

    Most homeowner locksmiths can change out your old knob style lock easily. The standard price for changing a lock is $100 and up, but it depends upon the services you require.

    In addition to that, there are other costs that may be associated with the changeover. You will need to have your locks rekeyed if you want them altered in order to work with a new key.

    What should I look for when choosing a new lock?

    There are a few things you will want to keep in mind before deciding which product is right for you.

    First, ask yourself what you want your new lock to be made out of.

    You can opt for something like brass (which is less secure) or steel (which is more secure), depending on how many security features you need and whether you’re concerned with cost.

    Second, consider the finish on the lock.

    Do you want a light or dark finish on your lock, and what color do you tend to like? Metal locks come in many different styles and colors so there is likely one that will match the style of your home. Finally, think about how much security you need.

    If you have a lot of valuable items, you will want to make sure your locks are strong and hard to break into.

    Change Your Old Knob Style Lock

    If you have ever considered changing out your old knob-style locks for a newer, more secure option… today is the day to ask.

    If you are worried about your home’s security or if you want to change how it looks, look into what options are available to you.

    You can change your old knob-style lock with precision keyless locks that allow you to open them using a keypad or by scanning your fingerprint!

    You’ll love how easy it is to get in and out of your home every day, and you’ll never need to worry about being locked out.

    Are you looking for a new lock?

    Old locks are outdated and unsafe. They’re easy to pick, break down over time, and can be easily picked with a bump key.

    That means they’re not just inconvenient – they could also put your family at risk. We have the solution! Our locksmiths will come out to your home or business today and install high-security deadbolt locks that are virtually impossible to pick or bump. You won’t find another company offering this level of security in our area!

    If you want peace of mind knowing that no one can get into your house without an authorized key. We offer free consultations so we can answer any questions you might have about our services before we begin work on your property.

    And if there is anything else we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to ask because customer satisfaction is always our top priority here at Regal Locksmith of Bethesda MD – Your Trusted Local Locksmith in Bethesda MD 20814.

    Call us now at (240) 206-6980!